No justice for these drowning victims


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Are there problems with drowning victims?

Nearly 80 years ago, the government allocated 5 acres each to the Burudezaru of Kodur

Grama Panchayat Range near Hosanagaram, forcing residents of Sharavati backwater.

Approximately 150 families are deprived of infrastructure.

More than 150 families live in Burudezaru, a village in the Kodur village panchayat of

Hosanagara taluk (marine assembly constituency) in Shimoga district. It has been since

then Regu this ( kugrama ) Remote village and lacked basic facilities. Drinking water is a

problem for people. Inadequate sewerage, inadequate road network, and many other

problems have caused the village to become a state of distress.

Our family has lived in this village for 80 years and the government has not taken any

action regarding the situation. Officials are not visiting. Representatives who arrived during

the election have given many assurances and disappeared. You have to walk about fifteen

kilometers to get to a government hospital. The road system is not okay. The system of

vehicles is not OK. If the electricity comes out one day, the power will come after one

week. A well of drinking water has fallen. The water of another well is not worth drinking.

You need to wash your clothes in the rainy season. All these problems have been brought

to the notice of the authorities many times, to no avail.

Trust the water that is flowing in the sewer and use it for demonic amenities. It’s like

drinking water. Many times the Gram Panchayat appealed to those who did not respond. It

is of no benefit except assured by the representatives who arrive during the election. If this

continues, life will be in disarray. He said the health department was not visiting the


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