Our school has received a district-level award for being the best teacher


This school has received a district-level award for being the best teacher

The facilities at the Government Senior Primary Urdu School in Hediyala village in Ranabennur Taluk are like private schools.

Kamalasab Mustafa Malagimania, who donated nearly 9 o’clock in the middle of the village in Hediyala village, was disturbed by teachers and residents. It is clear that there is an environment where private schools can compete except for minor problems. Said Patel

People who cannot afford expensive education in private schools are in a government school from 1st to 5th grade. 31 students are getting an education in a government school. Offering breakfast, milk, shoes, socks with two, uniform. BJ Teacher Award Winner Teacher and Nalikali Best Teacher Award

Many association organizations including the school development committee, school alumni association, and SDMC provide year-round notebook, bag, slippers, Kodi, training facilities. Swami Niranjana Viraktamathmath is a four-day weekly school that helps the donor inquire about shortage of food, freeze, dining table for children, healthy vegetables at the ‘Aqua Guard’ school premises for free drinking water for children, and green and cool atmosphere in the school, teaching lesson by projector Free vehicle system for distant children The companies. Swami Niranjan Ra. Hiramath Siddhalingeshwara Viraktamath said.

Vehicle arrangement: A special vehicle facility is provided for students who come to the school from visiting the villages of Billahalli Kusagur village. Vehicles will be deployed to bring the children back home and leave. Children are being provided with all the facilities except that there is no subsidy to the vehicle system, says headmaster CF Hulamani

Hediyala village school is surrounded by private schools. Despite this competition, the school is getting good results. The school has received a district-level award for being the best teacher in the Nalikali project and our department has been honored with the first district-level award for the best school in the state.
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