Pallakki Festival of the Goddess Naga Yallamma


Known as the Kuladeva of the Rashtrakutas, the Pallakki festival of the goddess Naga

Yallamma took place amidst thousands of devotees.

VO: Vigneshwara, Guru and Goddess Pallakki worship at the residence of Sarafa Lachappa

Nayaka of Chittapur town in the presence of the village of Tahsildar Umakanta and

. The Pallakki festival with the idol of Ganapathi and Goddess commenced from the house

of Lachchappa Nayaka and reached the Naga Yallamma temple at night through various

major streets including the town’s Chittavali Chowk, Kapada, Kirana Bazaar, Janata Chowk,

Chowk and Single Kamana. The parade attracted Baja Bhajantri, hollow jump, lazim, goat,

DJ, colored flags, flags and bhajans. The poor and beautiful Kumbha onlookers were

attracted by the Sumangales.

Watch Video For More Details

Pallakki Festival of the Goddess Naga Yallamma Watch Video



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