police Arrested Balu gunman of Mohammed Nalapad |  MLA NA Haris son drove Bentley car that rammed bike and auto 



Bengaluru, A serial accident had happened at the Mekhri Circle underpass in the city

Bike and Auto: Mohammed Nalapad, son of MLA NA Harris driving a Bentley car

Bengaluru, Mohammed Nalapad, MLA NA Harris’s son drove a Bentley car and crashed into the city’s Mekhri Circle underpass. After causing the accident, the driver of the luxury Bentley car abandoned the car before fleeing. The man responsible for the accident and the man behind the Bentley car is Mohammed Nalapad, now known as NA Haris, a peacemaker from the city.

Sadashivanagar traffic police are investigating the case.

Mohammed Nalapad, the son of MLA NA Harris, was jailed for 116 days for violently assaulting a young man in a bar in Nalapad, about 18 months ago. Based on some video footage and information, Nalapad was driving the car and he fled the car after the accident. But staff have been said to be hesitant about taking action.

Mohammed Nalapad, son of MLA NA Harris, drove a Bentley car. No car bearing registration TS 09 UC 0009 The motorbike and autorickshaw hit the underpass. Auto driver Suheel, and auto passenger Sabiha and her six-year-old son were injured. The first information report states that the driver of the car was speeding and careless and that he had fled after the accident. People spotted Nalapad’s cousin Rafi Mohammed Nasir and his bodyguard Balakrishna on the spot.

Nalapad has denied that Mohammed Nalapad, the son of MLA NA Harris, drove the Bentley car but was responsible for the accident. In subsequent WhatsApp messages, he wondered whether the lawmaker’s son would not be responsible for the accident. Senior police officials say they are aware that Nalapad was responsible for the accident and will soon take action.

No one has been arrested so far as Mohammed Nalapad, the son of MLA NA Harris, drove the Bentley car, and many wonder if political influence has worked to protect Nalapad.
Gun Man Balu came and told the Court that I have driven the car But Police Witness and Video says That Nalpad has Driven the car. Balu is trying to Destroy the witness Police says

The Bangalore Police have given Notice to Haris Nalpad son Mohmad Nalpad for immediately attend to the station regarding this Matter


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