police efficiency just miss in killing Hindu Leader see video who is that Hindu leader video in Kannada


police efficiency just miss in killing Hindu Leader see video who is that Hindu leader video in Kannada

The overall police efficiency and prompt response have averted the worst disaster. Otherwise, the brave leaders of Hindu society would have been victims

It is said that the murder of staunch supporters of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) during the awareness programme about the act held on December 22 near the town hall here had been planned. The programme was attended by various leaders including MP Tejasvi Surya, and orator Chakravarthy Sulibele.

A stone pierced from the far side when Emperor Suleibele was attending a CAA protest in front of the Town Hall in Bengaluru, struck Sulibele’s chest. The situation has been calmed after some people have told them that this was done to deflect the protests. However, Emperor Suleibele called the Bangalore city police commissioner Bhaskar Rao and refused to give up.
A number of protest programmes have been held against the implementation of CAA. The above programme in the city was aimed to make the people aware that CAA does not create any problems to the citizens of the country including minorities. It is gathered that plan to murder Tejasvi Surya and Chakravarthy Sulibele on that occasion had been drawn up.

An alarming case has come to light that not only Karnataka but also the nation of Idi. Six SDPI activists have been arrested for allegedly conspiring to assassinate prominent columnist and thinker Suleibele and BJP’s youth MP Tejasvi Suriya at a pro-CAA advocacy meeting on December 22. The main factor that led to this investigation was a call from Emperor Suleibele.

Immediately afterwards, the police, who have a tendency to act, build a team and descend into the investigation. Borobari inspects and inspects 800cc cameras. The police team, which is constantly investigating, arrested the six accused after about 15 days. They get an inch of information from the accused. The murder of Emperor Suleibele and MP Tejasvi Surya was the explosive factor that emerged during the trial of the accused.

At the CAA conference, a team of six people arrived to assassinate the thinker Emperor Suleibele and MP Tejaswi Surya. But the security plan failed because of security. But their plot failed. Furious at this, the assassins wished someone had finished. The pro-Hindu activist is Varun. Varun was lying on the rope of the assassins hiding. Varun managed to escape, but is still in bed rest. Varun was still unable to recover properly because he suffered severe head and arm injuries.

The overall police efficiency and the immediate response have avoided a major disaster today. Otherwise, it is shocking that the brave leaders of Hindu society were victims. In the meantime, there is widespread shouting for the ban on the SDPI and PFI organizations which have led to such cases. A salam for the police department, which could have happened anyway and avoided the biggest danger of that.





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