pregnant woman Life was saved by a group of young men


A women was Suffering from pregnancy Pain

Standing on-road that pregnant women Asked Many people she did not have a vehicle she

requested many vehicle to drop her to hospital

but none came forward to rent or give her vehicle to shift to hospital

finally group of boys strangers On humanity ground stoped themselves to shift the lady to

hospital for delivery

A women Was in Pregnancy pain no one shifted to hospital a group of youths shifted

her to hospital and showing Courtesy

in brief a pregnant women wanted to go to hospital for delivery

She stood on the Road and Stoped all Vehicle to get shifted to Hospital But no  Vehicle

showed Courtesy to shift here to Hospital for delivery

but  group of boys in bike and Jeep passing by came to pregnant women help thy called

the doctor and immediately shifted her to hospital

Moral of the story first give way to Ambulance Shift the patient to Hospital  watch Video


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