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BANGALORE On 15th August 1947 after the country got freedom from the British rule.
Indians have witnessed major changes in their lives.
No doubt, life in several rural parts of the country are yet to get basic facilities like water and electricity,
but it is also a fact that many cities are now being compared with New York or Bangkok.
Be it physics, maths, medicine, chemistry, literature, music, film, sports or space,
India has achieved new heights. Scroll down and know one of the greatest achievements of India in different fields.

India designed and built Asia’s first nuclear reactor Apsara nuclear reactor on August 4, 1956.
India currently has 21 nuclear reactors in operation in 7 nuclear power plants.

If Congress has not done anything in 70 years, then who does

1947: India gains independence from British rule.
India fights first war with Pakistan after
Pakistani tribesmen supported by the army invade Jammu and Kashmir.

During the past 70 years, India overcome different hurdles and Indians earned global recognition in various fields.
This Independence Day, don’t just celebrate the freedom, but take pride in what India has achieved in the past 70 years.

India has gone through several changes over the years. From the political arena to the social life,

india’s cultural heritage and history
Achievement of Indian diaspora across the globe
Gandhi Ji principals of ahimsa paramo dharma
India’s democratic values and its constitution written by Babasaheb Ambedkar
Contribution of Sardar Vallabhbahi Patel in uniting whole India
Contribution of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in freedom of India
Contribution of in numerous freedom fighters who were ignored by congress regime
Contribution of NRI’s for development of India
NRI community for being strong Indian cultural and Intellectual ambassador to the world
NRI community for putting up the positive image and outlook about India and Indian to the world
NRI’s of the first generation for gaining the confidence of the west to outsource IT and Manufacturing jobs to India
India’s tolerance to other religion since ancient times and its non-invasive non-intrusion policies in other countries
India’s overall contribution to the world

Intellect and hardworking power of India
Yoga, Vedic literature, Ancient Indian Civilization and its rich heritage
Achievement of Indian scientists in space and research globally
India’s achievements in Information Technology
Indias Hindu religious values and its beliefs
India’s unity in diversity

Indians are now Happy that Pakistan Terrest and Osam be Ladan gang is Afraid to enter India all terrorist ran away from India to Neighboring country Like Srilanka Pakistan Afghanistan etc
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