Sri Sirsi Marikamba Jatra the buffalo has to come round the Sirsi town before the Jatra video 



Sri Sirsi Marikamba Jatra the buffalo has to come round the Sirsi town before the Jatra video

Sri Sirsi Marikamba Fair ( Jatra ) or Mari Jatra or Sirsi Maremmana’s Fair is held every two years in Sirsi, Uttara Kannada District. It usually takes place in March. This fair, which has been going on for over three hundred years, is said to be the biggest fair in Karnataka.

Sri Sirsi Marikamba Fair
It is said in the Mahabharata that Dharmaraya praised the Goddess at the present day Hanagalli, the city of Sri Shirasi Marikamba Fair. It is also mentioned in the Chalukyan period.

A devotee called Sri Sirsi Marikamba Jatrebasava goes to the moon fair every year. But one time he was touched and harassed by people. Bored of it, he went to the fair next year and worshiped the Goddess in Shirazi. One night the goddess gave him to me. I’m in your hometown. The dream came true as I was told to lift myself up. He told it the chiefs of the village. Likewise, the snake gathered around the lake, and the snake wrapped it in three rounds of praise and blessed the Goddess. A box was found floating on the lake of Sri Shirasi Marikamba Temple. The idol of the goddess was brought together by parts of the idol.

before the fair Kona Called the buffalo has to come Round the town is the term from history

The Swamis of the Sri Shirasi Marikamba Jatranandikeshwara Math asked Maharaja Sadashivrao ರಾಜ, the king of the Sonda kingdom, for permission to install the idol of the Goddess in Shirisi. Accordingly AD On Tuesday, the goddess was installed in the present Marikamba Temple on the Vaisakha Puri Ashtami, the Shukla anniversary of the Shalihava era.
After completing the fair in Hanagalli, the goddess put the goddesses in a box. It was stolen by some robbers and brought to Shirazi. After sharing the ornaments, he threw the idol into the crate. The lake is known as Devikare.

Statue of Sri Shirasi Marikamba Fair
Sri Sirsi Marikamba is a seven-foot-tall Kalakaua statue of red sandalwood, a dagger, with all the weapons in hand and arms. The right-wing is also in the right-hand corner of the Marikambe. The religious community of Shirazi strongly believes that the mother’s mighty vision is the reason for the glory and resourcefulness of Shirazi. Sri Sirsi Marikamba Fair is about its founding. Sh. Became in ೧೬೮೯. Bhavani of Mysore, Moolakkam of Kollur and Marikambe of Sirsi are all sisters.




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