Sri Sri Sri Siddaroodha Mutt of Hubli Dharwad district, a sacred shrine in North Karnataka  


Sri Sri Sri Siddaroodha Mutt of Hubli Dharwad district, a sacred shrine in North Karnataka

Hubli is always remembered as the Sri Siddaroodha Mutt. The Siddaroodha Mutt is a powerhouse and a place of worship for millions of devotees.
A vigilant center still stands today. Thus, before anyone can come to Hubli, visit the Sri Siddaroodha monastery and get a darshan. In the monastery, there is a regular religious ceremony. It is the belief that the  Siddaroodha Mutt will shine away from those who believe in them. There are many who inspired the people to chant the Five-Mantra. Thus the Om Namah Shivaya Mantra resonates in the monastery for twenty-four hours of the day.
Siddharoodha Math was built to honor the memory of Shri Siddharoodha Swamy, who took up “Samadhi” in 1929. In the year 1919, this Math was visited by Lokamanya Gangadhar Tilak and again later in 1924

Sri Siddaroodha Mutt Swamis are a form of Siva to the devotees by their rituals. Gadag Madiwalappa, Nawaligunda Nagalinga Swamis, Lokamanya Tilakas including saint Shishu Nalin Sharifs and Mahatma like Gandhiji were influential.  , Mahatma Gandhi visited the site. It is the remarkable religious institution, a center for the propagation of “Advaita” philosophy as taught by Swami Siddharoodha (1837-1929). Many devotees of Swami Siddharoodha gather at the math for celebrating its annual car festival held on Maha Shivaratri.

Hubli… Math is a holy shrine in North Karnataka. The state, as well as thousands of devotees of the alien state, is a monastery devoted to the devotees through the Advaita doctrine, from ordinary devotees to Sandalwood and Bollywood star actresses.

The essence of the preceptor’s teaching was that the body should be free from all forms of knowledge. There is no caste discrimination in the presence of Sri Siddaroodha. No more hinge. People of all castes and religions come to the monastery. They directly touch the proverbial ear.
There are many years of work in the monastery. Two eyes to see the auspicious occasion of the water festival of the month of Shravan. The statue of the Swami is seated in an ornate teapot. Lakshadweep Festival is organized in Kartika Month. Every year Shivaratri Jatra Mahotsav and Rathotsav are held. Devotees flock to Margopodi for these. The believers who believe in the saints have never abandoned them. For the same reason, the number of devotees who come to the monastery every year is growing. From independent fighters to Srimath, famous film actresses, politicians, and social elites are the driving force. Sadguru Sri Siddaroodha was the one who guided the Bal Gangadhar Tilak to an independent struggle. Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur taught the concept of democratic governance. Many dignitaries have succeeded on the path laid by the ready-made. There are plenty of Sandalwood actresses who adore devotees. Dr. Rajkumar has always been a devout believer. The Rajkumar family is still indulgent with the monastery. When the time comes, Sri Siddaroodha monastery comes to worship and worship. Famous filmmakers like Sudeep, Yash, Darshan, Ganesh and many others in Kannada cinema are worshiping Sri Siddaroodha. The reputation of Sri Siddaroodha Mutt Guru is not limited to Karnataka. There is a devotee group of ready Swamiji across the country. A prestigious family of Bollywood worships the ready-made. Devotees pay homage to the Sri Siddaroodha who has come to Hubli for generations. The family of DDLG glamorous actress Kajol, who is a devotee of Goddess, still maintains a tradition of visiting the Sri Siddaroodha Mutt.
BJP President Amit Shah and many politicians from the state and the state of Maharashtra have been devoted to this monastery. Devotees seeking to get a glimpse of Siddharth and Gurunath Rudra are about 5 km from the airport. 6 km from the train station. 3 km from the new bus station. There is a monastery pilgrim residence and lodge for devotees who want to stay in the field. There is a free Sri Prasad Prasad system for devotees visiting the temple. You too have a darshan of a ready-made beard



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