The bank should not Harass for repayment of Loans for Flood Victims


The privately-owned bank and the banks have told not and not to  harass on for flood

victims told by the government,

Protests by the Narayana Gowda faction today at the District Collector’s office

The District Collector SB Bommanahalli had ordered that any bank and bankers be

subjected to the repayment of loans to the neighboring victims if forced to repay

they will be punished

However, privately owned banks and financiers in the district have threatened to pay the

debtor’s credit by dumping the district’s orders and appealing to the authorities to take

action against them.

At this point, Karnataka Rakshana Vedika  District President Mahadeva said on Wednesday

that there are Lot of victims

The District Collector has ordered that no bank or financier should threaten or force to

repay the Loan Amount

But regardless of what it is, the homeless are troubled

He demanded strict action against them.

Ganesha Rukade, Nagesh Mali, Savitha Chaugale, Manjunatha Bhanuse, Amrita Teradala,

Manjula Mirchi, Sunil Adasole, Appasaba Devete and many other victims were present.

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