The bridge was built only in the center of the barrier in front


The barrier (pipes) was built only in the center of the bridge, in front

Only the middle part of the bridge has been constructed with barrier pipes that fail to build the front and rear barrier so that this road can be used when it rains.
Along the bridge, the construction of a royal barrier is slowing down where the work is not being carried out properly. In the center of the city, the Royal Highway is an inner road for citizens and students traveling from bus and railway stations to places like JC Park, New Camp Area, Vidyanagar, etc. When it rained, the sediment was overflowing with mud. There were also some civilians running around. BP Harish noticed this when he was an MLA and built a bridge from the Davanagere Harihara Urban Development Authority. Pedestrian pedestrians February and College student, students too much trouble yaguttidei path undertaken by bus, railway station, about a college student hattiravaguvudarinda to get into college, students on the road to the bridge on either side of the barrier is largely due to the use of yannagali or put on the grill, residents and students janapratidhigalannu Force nnagali The issue is whether residents tiddareillina raru hear …? The municipal cleaning crews come to me, except the act of clear mattinnenu is here. Because of its lack of cleanliness, mosquitoes and pests are on the rise. Will the relevant department officials still pay attention to this problem and wait for it to be resolved?



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