The coronavirus has killed 106 people and infected 4,520 people Dangerous deadly Virus be careful


The coronavirus has killed 106 people and infected 4,520 people Dangerous deadly Virus be careful

The National holiday has been extended for three days, the coronavirus has killed 106 people and infected 4,520 people,  people in China are now said to have contracted the fastest spreading coronavirus, and most countries have reported their first confirmed cases.
The number of people killed in China by the new coronavirus has risen to 109, with nearly 3,000 people sick.

Deadly Coronavirus has confirmed 4,520 cases of coronavirus, according to Chinese officials, with the death toll from coronavirus rising to 109.

, Coronavirus Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited the outbreak center – Wuhan city of Hubei province, where a deadly pneumonia-like virus was first identified last month. The government said Li was there to review prevention and control efforts.

Dangerous Coronavirus From coronavirus, it has spread beyond Wuhan to other major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Macao, and Hong Kong.
The new deadly coronavirus The new health comes from a large family of viruses known as coronavirus, according to the World Health Organization. They cause severe illnesses such as the 2002-2003 SARS outbreak or severe acute respiratory syndrome.

deadly coronavirus At a press conference with coronavirus, the National Health Commission said that the incubation period for the virus is about 10 days, and even at this stage, it is contagious, putting extra pressure on preventive control. That’s an important distinction compared to SARS, where victims become infected after showing symptoms. Chinese health officials say in an attempt to contain the spread


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