the students were crying for the transfer of teacher heart touching movement


Teacher Transfers From A Student Transfer A student who hugged a teacher and wept with a tearful pupil is now where it is.

Students hugged, pleaded and cried seeing their favorite Class teacher who was getting

transferred to another school. They pleaded with her and refused to reject the

transfer  Seeing the affection and love and affection of these pupils

The teacher too was also so emotional and heartbroken movement of the year. She took

the students to a hall and consoled them regarding this.

. This emotional bond between the students and teacher was the talk of the Gadag Town

Capital Bangalore City

Teacher Transfers students who hugged a teacher and wept with a tearful pupil

Tears flowed down from the student and teachers nowadays Teacher and student

relationship is temporary

but Like olden days Teacher-student Relationship is Gret and greater than anything

precious than a diamond

A student who broke into a teacher’s hug and wept over the teacher

Gadag Town Government Primary School  teacher VC Patil was Transferred to another

school but the Student and Teacher Relationship was Boundless and heart full  See video For full Details


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