There is No right to speak about Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy


There is no moral here to even talk about Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy.

Ravi. A Joint Secretary Mysore Press said

What is Siddaramaiah? From Ylakki Gowda to DK Sivakumar to the present day, Siddaramaiah was the man who is the kingpin to send DKS to Jail

I am a socialist – Siddaramaiah has left the government’s Kaveri residence for the last 6.5 years. What? Why not return the government vehicle .. ??

Ho Siddaramaiah Siddaramanta as Baduktha Biddakar – Yeddyurappa joins Siddaramaiah with Yeddyurappa Naidu Dawarane Solisodena Siddhanta .. ?? MTB Nagaraj Telltha Not Siddaramaiah Na History Of One Of The Siddaramayana Siddhanta ..

One of his chelae says that the poor relative of the poor Siddaramaiah, as well as in Bangalore about 200 Bar and Pub Is owned By Siddaramaiah and how is the poor kinsman .. ?? Madhtavare to destroy the house from the Bar Pub

If the BJP is in power in Karnataka, because of the JDS, his cheelas say, the JDS party BJP’s B-team, indirectly supporting the BJP, when the election result is unsuccessful. Did JDS go to the door of the house?

Sonia Gandhi Siddaramaiah did not meet me in Delhi for three days, but I know what it is worth it, Siddaramaiah a cunning Congress High Command knows where to put it.

So SAid

Ravi. A
Joint Secretary Mysore Press Distributors Association
Mysore District Mysore District Mysore Mysore


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