Thirthahalli police Gorgeous hunt


Tharthahalli police Gorgeous hunt
Detention of traffickers in illegal marijuana.

Tirthahalli Police is in the process of controlling illegal activities in Tirthahalli Taluk, Shimoga District.
Let DYSP Ravikumar lead this morning,
Including Circle Inspector Ganeshappa and Sub-Inspector Sushma
Tirthahalli police team seized 13A grams of marijuana and illicit trafficking worth more than Rs.
Sirajuddin, (22), Anil, (21)
The accused have been arrested.
It was learned at the hearing that the accused were originally from Shimoga and Shikaripur taluk. A case has been registered at this Sambandha Theerthahalli police station.
The attack was led by police Janardhan Kumar, Jagadish ‘Diwakara, Sgt Raghavendra, manager of Katte Manjunath taluk panchayat, a safe and taluk kasaba hobby candidate.

Devaraj Bhandari Tirthahalli with Sachi TV



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