Vastu here’s why you should keep tortoise idol at home


Vastu here’s why you should keep tortoise idol at home
You should not bring the statue of the turtle home on Thursdays. Worshiping the idol of the turtle alone on this day will alleviate all your troubles. In general, everyone wants to have a good life, as well as everyone in our home,  wants a peaceful life The benefits of keeping a turtle idol Let us know. The tortoise is said to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu
It attracts a lot of people. So you should bring home a statue of the turtle. Then cover it inside the rice.  Put a statue of Hockey. Getting home on Wednesday and making a dedication on Friday will do a lot of good. Homemaker’s household grows, illnesses alleviate, home gets rich Getting Employed and Employment Guaranteed Good ideas will come to you every day.
February and rivers have peace in the house. Lakshmi Prasanna Becomes a Lakshmi Prasanna to your home
After worshiping, fill the water in a glass bowl or a brass bowl or place a statue of a brave turtle on it or some other rice. All your troubles will be alleviated.

Some believe that keeping a turtle idol is good. Well, architecture has a completely different view on this. According to Vastu, you should not leave a turtle statue at home to fulfill your wishes. But, learn from these little creatures. Vastu says you must learn from a turtle how to move on in life and wait for the right time. Do not stumble to conclusions and move slowly and correctly in life. Watch this episode with our architect Acharya P Khurana to learn more about the importance of keeping a turtle idol at home. Some are just plain decorative items and others have profound religious or spiritual significance. One such thing is the image of a turtle. The tortoise, which some see as the incarnation of Vishnu, is revered in Hinduism.

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