Vishwanath has a nest for summer, rainy season and winter


Former Minister SA Mahesh has said that the “village bird”

has a nest for summer, rainy season and winter.

Wa.O: Former MLA H. Everyone knows that Vishwanath is such a puddle.

Don’t know who named the bird. But the clash between the two has continued,

with former minister SA Mahesh accusing Vishwanath

of having a summer, rainy and winter nest. Vishwanath’s achievement is many.

How the Tehsildar family came to the street in KR city.

“We all know how many of you are suffering in KR city,” he said at a press conference. He’s not the one to go to the Blue Film.

No one washes the house. Whose house is not washed? I have never sold to anyone. H Vishwanath had barraged against Sara Mahesh saying he should be warned before he talks about me.

watch the video for details


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