who is behind Dreamz GK Sachin Nayak | cheated Rs 1,500 crore in Bangalore


At Bangalore, Bengaluru  Real estate fraud happened first part is about Sachin Nayak

Second one is important who is that Politician who supported and took his property later read text wat video below and share

Sachi Naik is accused of duping thousands of Bengalureans

Dreamz GK Sachin Naik Had Cheated 1500 Crores in Bangalore Citi He had promised to Give flat and taken Money in Advance He should Properties Banglore innocent people and collected money in Advance and vanished Away
The Dreamz Victims Had Given Complaint to CID but He was out on bail  But the Karnataka Investigation CID yet to Give Justices to Victims

Sachi Naik Was accused of duping thousands of Bengalureans with the promise of giving them their dream homes. Sachin Naik Has Many Names He changes Name Accordingly alias Sumanth Kumar Das alias Yogesh Choudhary is facing charges of swindling hundreds of people of Rs 1,500 crore through his all companies, called Dreamz Infra, TGS and Gruha Kalyan.
Dreamz Victims have Requested Sachin Naiak and made Several Protest to Get back their money back but No Support from Government For these Victims Till date

CID agency has submitted a list of properties owned by Sachin Naik to the Karnataka Revenue Department, which will be auctioned soon As per CID but Victims have no Support from Karnataka Government nor Central Government because he has Fraud Money and he has Politition support across country many Dreamz Victims Have Died due to Heart Attack Low and Heigh BP Due to Sachin Naik Fraud Sachin Naik had his ex-wife Disha Choudhury and his current wife Mandeep Kaur, managing directors of the firms.

Dreams Gk Sachin Naik  have a Link With DK Shivakumar Another Trouble For The Trouble Shooter Dikeshi with Sachin Naiak fraud company Dreamz GK now DK vs Gk

Yakdantha Association Had used in Old Note currency Exchange CID is investigation  and has handed over the Case to ED
Anuradha Had Came for Compmersie Comprise   Proof has sent to ED Dreamz Gk Have Sold the property to Mysore feed Company it is in DK Shivkumar Brother Name Dk Suresh
Now DK Brothers please Hand Over the Property To Dreamz Victims Who have Lost in Lakhs And Lakhs where you all have cheated them nearly 1500 Crores
Please Don’t Cheat the poor Dreamz GK victims

Kalyan Ghosh
_Died on 09/08/2019 at Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi fought for 33 days in ICU, she was a victim of Dreamz Infra real estate Scam Bangalore supported by DKS brothers and other corrupted politicians, bureaucrats and a part of Judiciary

ED are investigation wee all pray to get Dream victims their Money Back or Their Houses back forward this Link till it Reaches Prime Minister of India Watch Video below and Share this video message Link to all Dreamz Victims fast



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