who is kirik keerthi


know more about kirik keerthi you must watch the video for curiosity

who is kirik keerthi Kirik Keerthi is known for his active stance in protecting the Kannada

language and Kannada culture tradition etc. Keerthi Kumar has worked as a programmer

producer in many shows and a reporter in Kannada news channels, as an RJ also and he is a social media activist

He is a Kannadiga,He expects people who stay in Karnataka to respect our Kannada and

Kannadigas, and not to make lose talks on people and language. He raises a voice Voice

Voice against who speaks negative about Kannada tradition culture and Kannadigas. He

never forces people to speak in or learn Kannada. His only request to people that try to

learn Kannada when you are in Karnataka. He is a runner up in Kannada Big boss show, TV

anchor, artist, director, actor, social server, hero…. In total, he is an all-rounder. Finally a

very down to earth person.

But a person Pulls His Leg in social Media

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