yarn mill had promise to the farmers and poor people but see details


Anchor Ranebenura

Hanumantha Kabbara alleges that the Tunga Bhadra government yarn mill located in the

village of Kamadoda, Taluk, has a debt of Rs 17 crore at KCC Bank in Dharwad and

auctioned off for Rs 9 crore.

He spoke to our counterpart BS Karzagi, a former MLA

Farmers here say that growing cotton is an inconvenience to them

Government inaugurated in 50 hectares of land in Kamadoda village of Tungabhadra

Government Yarn Mill

Farmers and wage laborers in mind it was built but it has been action in very less amount

The government land, which is adjacent to this national highway, is seen as to grab this land

Farmers’ union leader BK Rajjanahalli said that the cooperative yarn which was started in

1989 has fallen into disrepair.


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